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Take your car for FREE

  Trade Race Manager is the world's first real-time crypto NFT trading game.

  IOI is a smart application that will be for everyday use that will combine 4 great ideas which are trading, tracking, gaming, and gambling.


In three simple steps, you can start playing the game!

1. Pick the car
2. Choose three cryptocurrencies and analyze
3. Then play the game and enjoy your winnings

Free: Races

  The free races start every 2 minutes and will be considered as a basic onboarding game and tutorial. There will be limit of 200 players per one round race. The first 50 players will split the price pool of 1 IOI. In addition, according to the table below, you can join with a maximum of 5 cars.

  The free tournaments are also a part of the free races.


  Collect NFT series and get up to 24% annual staking reward paid out daily.
  Unlock a rare car and increase your reward by 100%.

  Apart from the Races, you can also collect cars and NFTs!

  On IOI, you can purchase more cars to further increase your chance of winning. Every car has its own value that will increase over time. The cars will be NFTs or non fungible tokens on the blockchain. Users can use IOI tokens to then purchase cars and unlock the limited series cars. The cars can also be personalized and later sold for profit later on the NFTs open market. As for parking, the player can park their car in their own garage and make extra deposits and enjoy profits similar to renting the car on a daily basis up to 0.05%. There are four editions of cars: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. So users can buy six cars in each edition and after you complete one edition, you will get one car for free.

  IOI utilizes elements of gamification to provide the complex world of crypto trading an extremely fun and relatable format. The car racing game which is fueled by the performance of a coin. The race winners can also receive IOI tokens which they will be able to exchange for various features and abilities on the IOI platform in the future.

  IOI primarily focuses on two types of people. This includes less experienced crypto traders that are interested in the business and more experienced traders who have successfully traded cryptocurrencies. IOI hopes to provide a wholesale solution for everyone that is interested in trading cryptocurrencies and wanting to learn about the business in a safe and fun environment. Furthermore, IOI is an interactive social crypto-trading platform that will utilize the elements of gaming to provide a relatable and easy-to-understand overview of cryptocurrencies and market performance.

  On the platform, the users can trade cryptocurrencies, track their portfolio, learn valuable insights from other traders, copy the cryptocurrency trading of experienced traders (RACERS), and choose to be a FAN or a RACER.

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