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Receive valuable game items

 Persistent decentralized universe with player-owned economics based on NFTs designed for Eth2.

  Get a powerful spaceship and a set of modules to start the game.

 Total Reward:

 Receive valuable game items in White Crates dropped every day.
 Unlock the starter spaceship and earn credits Scores by completing tasks & taking parts in Reward Compaign.
 Please remember that all airdrops should be free, and you don't need to pay any penny. Just submit and wait patiently.

 Airdrop Tasks

 Create an account on Farsite Website with your Email.
 Confirm your Email & receive reward Scores.
 Complete Airdrop Tasks to earn more Rewards Scores.
 You will Receive Rewards Scores By completing Tasks on Telegram, Tweeter & Youtube  .
 The more Rewards Scores you will get the higher chance to receive a better Crate.

Some play-to-earn jobs in Farsite could be:

 Delivery: Safely transport goods between planets and stations.
 Trade: Master the market and benefit from others’ needs.
 Recruit: Recruit pilots and receive lifetime rewards for their actions.
 Explore: Discover the universe and hunt for rare materials.
 Govern: Get the control of a star, develop, tax, and prosper.
 Mining:  Mine and refine resources by acquiring a sector on a planet.
 Politics: Have a seat by getting the trust of corporations and other players.
 Military: Escort transportation ships, form corporations, or hijack others.
 Manufacturing: Build ships and components, craft rare blueprints, rent your facilities, and much more.

 Build your NFT spaceship for the upcoming Eth 2.0 game with persistent universe and player-owned economics.



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