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You recommend. We reward you!


Invite a friend to SoRare and you’ll both win a card

  Know someone who loves football? You’ll both receive a rare card when your friend collects 5 cards

  SoRare is a blockchain-based fantasy football game where users can trade players, enter tournaments and compete for thousands of dollars in prizes ... every week.

  It's a fantastic process when the number of cards is limited, which means that owning the best players is a reward both on the field and in trading! Remember, you will receive 10 free cards when you sign up here.

  Each season there is a limited supply of cards that never expire. Participation in tournaments is also free, which means there are no restrictions on the number of tournaments you can participate in.

This is a new concept, but it is already exceeding expectations. I've tried and I'm a big fan.

  So with SoRare picking up steam in 2021, it was only a matter of time before the game began to grab public attention. If it has yours too, here's everything you need to know to get started right away.


 What is SoRare?

  SoRare is the first official game to use SoRare's proprietary blockchain cards. Blockchain allows users to authenticate their digital player cards in a similar way to how we collected playing cards in the 1990s - you can buy, sell and exchange cards with other online users.

  We'll get to the actual gameplay in a few minutes, but the basic settings are as follows:

  Collect a collection of the best cards available.
Participate in tournaments and win prizes such as cash or other cards.
Buy and sell in the transfer market at a profit.
The higher your players move in the ratings, the better your prizes.

  There are several more elements in this game, which I will discuss below.

  SoRare switched to Ethereum in 2019 after their previous host - LOOM - switched to digital commerce solutions.

  The move did not slow their pace, and SoRare ensured the use of such big football giants as Juventus, West Ham United and Roma.

  They also managed to draw attention to the player cards for Ronaldo and João Felix. They are working hard to obtain licenses from more teams.

 - Create your first team. Sign up for Sorare for the first time and you will immediately receive 10 community cards.
- Enter your first team into the Rookie League. This league is for new players - managers.
- Create your first team. In total, you need to choose 5 cards.
- Enter 4 leagues or play for 4 weeks and you will be promoted to a new manager. Congratulations!
- Build your team with won Player Cards or exchange them in the Transfer Market.

 How does SoRare work?

Betting on a player on SoRare is fun and easy. You need to enter the Transfer Market to find players for sale. Here you will find players you can bet on.

 Click the button to place a bet and a window will open where you can enter your maximum bet.

 Click "Confirm" where you will be prompted to enter your account password.

 You will then be notified that you have placed the highest bid, you just have to hope that now your bet is not outbid!

  Gameplay Basics

 The process is incredibly simple. Create your team, choose its captain and confirm your team before the tournament deadline - you can check this anytime you log into your Sorare account.

 We build our team
In the "Play Arena" tab, you will find your latest statistics and detailed information on the timing of the tournaments.

 When you have an active tournament deadline, you can click on Create Team.

 Goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker are required.

 The fifth player can be anyone else.


  Click the star next to a player's card to assign him the role of captain - he will receive a bonus multiplier for his efforts.

  Then confirm your command. From there, choose your team name and you're ready for your first challenge.

SoRare is a new product supported by gaming giants Ubisoft.

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